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Approved America Speakers Bureau Delivers World’s #1 Curated Military Officer Keynote, Industry Expert Speakers and Media Consultants Roster

San Diego, California (October 17, 2022) Approved America PR / PRNewswire

Approved America Speakers Bureau develops, manages and books military officers and high impact global contributor military dependents for keynote and industry expert speakers and media consultant engagements.

Announcing the opening of its new offices in San Diego, Beverly Hills, Denver, Washington D.C. and Dubai starting October 15, 2022, Approved America Speakers Bureau is owned and operated by career military officers — including the Pentagon’s top brass — for military officers.

The firm offers the world’s largest database, from all branches of the armed forces, of curated military officer and military dependent media consultants, keynote and industry speakers. 

With over 20 years experience and deep market intelligence in branding, developing, marketing, managing and booking talent in entertainment, Approved America Speakers Bureau was formally founded in 2019, by veteran publicist, celebrity talent manager, media consultant, people connector, marketing expert and military officer’s Alpha Wife, Rhonda Coleman Albazie. 

Approved America Speakers Bureau is managed by twenty five Team America associates and caters to events worldwide with a focus on business, world affairs, politics, entertainment, education literature, sports, leadership and multicultural and multinational interests. 

Giving back through philanthropy and local charity events are regularly on Team America’s social roster including the contributions to their signature philanthropic events such as the Approved America Foundation and BHMOB Philanthropic’s Beverly Hills Military Officers Ball to name a few. 

Additionally, the patriotic pro speakers bureau develops and delivers strategic public relations, marketing, media management and serves as the exclusive speaker and entertainment booking agent for esteemed military officers, defense contractors and high impact global contributor military dependents as media consultants, keynote, industry expert and sponsored speakers.   

The Team America Speaker Roster includes :   Stan Coleman, LtCdr USN (Ret) ; Ronald S. Coleman, LtGen USMCorps (Ret) ;  Rhonda Coleman Albazie, Serial M&A and Alpha Wife ; Lauren Dreifuss, MScRE ; Cilver (Silver) Coleman, Chemist ; Cam C.J. Coleman, BioPhysicist ;  Anthony S. Burns M.D. ;  Gerry Raia, Captain USN (Ret), Tremayne Criner, Cdr USN (Ret) and many more exceptional speakers. 

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With a century of high quality, nurtured relationships with the military elite, we’ve had decades of success securing media placement and booking our military officer and high impact global contributor, executive clients in television, film, print, editorial, corporate, red carpet, celebrity, live event and keynote, industry expert and media consultant opportunities. Book a discovery call to learn how Approved America Speakers Bureau can help you, too. 

Need American exceptionalism media consultants for broadcast television? Get approved. 

Need military grade keynote speakers and panelists? Get approved.

Need industry expert speakers? Get approved.

Approved America Speakers Agency specializes in booking U.S. Military Officers and interlocked network elite executives at corporate, industry and media events throughout America and worldwide. 

Are you a military officer or high impact global contributor military officer dependent speaker that is motivated to take your speaker career to the next level or are you ready to launch your career as a highly paid keynote, industry expert or media consultant? Get approved. Book a discovery call with Team America to discover how we champion military officer speakers in and beyond America. 

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Check out our articles, tips, resources and more on the Approved America Speakers Bureau blog and podcast. 

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Book at discovery call to learn how Approved America Speakers Bureau can help you fill your media consultant, keynote, industry expert and sponsored speakers roles with American exceptionalism, military grade speakers. 

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