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Hire Veterans at Approved America Talent, Staffing and Recruiting • Book Top Keynote and Industry Expert Speakers and Media Consultants at Approved America Speakers            
Hire Veterans at Approved America Talent, Staffing and Recruiting • Book Top Keynote and Industry Expert Speakers and Media Consultants at Approved America Speakers            

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Stan Coleman

LtCdr USN (Ret) Top Keynote, Industry Expert Speaker And Media Consultant

Rhonda Coleman Albazie

Alpha Wife

Ronald S. Coleman

LtGen USMC (Ret)

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Anthony S. Burns

M.D. | MSc

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Cam Coleman

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Gerry Raia Captain USN


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Lance Coleman

Recovering Schizophrenic

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Silver Coleman


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Lauren Dreifuss



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As a family of career military officers with a legacy of service to America inspiring corporations, small business, philanthropy, finance, government, defense, aerospace and intelligence their military and private sector careers, family business and family office translates to the American success sequence and the pillars of high performance, productivity and profit.

Approved America Speakers specializes in Team America speakers. Choose from our roster of esteemed speakers including retired and decorated military officers, executives from government, defense, aerospace and the intelligence community, generation now and next leaders, cyber security, tech and gaming speakers, influential women, mentally differently abled and gender shift talent, elite minority consensus, diversity & inclusivity speakers, pro-family, power couples and trend setters. Book Approved America for your esteemed event’s ideal keynote, motivational speaker, moderator and entertainment.

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* Media Appearances

* Military Officer Speakers
* Defense Contractor Executive Speakers
* Government, Defense, Aerospace & Intelligence Community Industry Speakers

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* Maritime Executive & Luxury Yacht Owner, Yachting and Sailing Speakers
* Leadership Speakers
* Diversity & Inclusion Thought Leader Speakers
* Interlocked Network Speakers

* Inspirational Speakers
* Diversity & Inclusion Speakers

* Gender Issues Speakers 
* Futurist Trends Speakers
* Disruption & Innovation Speakers

* Marriage Intelligence Speakers

* Family Office & Family Business Speakers 

* Women’s Issues Speakers

* American Youth Speakers

* Political Speakers

Approved America Speakers Bureau is a world-class agency specializing in sourcing and securing and representing American exceptionalism speaking talent, moderators, emcees, and entertainment acts for your virtual or live meeting topic or theme and audience.

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