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Approved America Military Officer Talent, Staffing and Recruiting Firm Opens Offices In San Diego, Denver, Washington D.C. and Dubai.

San Diego, California (October 17, 2022) Approved America PR / PRNewswire 

Approved America Talent, Staffing and Recruiting is the world’s #1 military officer recruiting firm announced the opening of offices in San Diego, Washington D.C., Denver and Dubai starting Ocvter 15, 2022.

The firm is owned and operated by U.S. Military Officer veterans (including the Pentagon’s top brass) for military officers. It’s all about relationships, relationships, relationships. We deliver the largest, curated data base of active, retired and reserve U.S. Military Officers from all branches including @USNavy @USMC @USAF @USArmy @USCoastGuard. 

Want high quality human capital assets to optimize your workforce, productivity and profits? Get approved. Benefit from the millions of dollars the Pentagon has invested to educated, train and develop its elite force of military officers. Hire U.S. Military Officers. Book a discovery call with one of our passionate Team America recruiters to learn how Approved America Talent, Staffing and Recruiting can help your achieve your staffing goals. 

Need Contract to Hire Staffing Solutions? Get approved. Approved America Contract to Hire Staffing Solutions.

Need Direct Hire Staffing Solutions? Get approved. Approved America Direct Hire Staffing Solutions.

Need Offshore Staffing Solutions? Get approved. Approved America Offshore Staffing Solutions.

Approved America Military IQ : Stan Coleman LtCdr USN (Ret)

After a legacy of over a century of career military officer, defense contractor and intelligence community service to America, the Approved America Talent, Staffing and Recruiting team delivers market intimacy, deep relationships, military mindshare domination, consensus, staffing intelligence and career insights into military officer transitions to civilian employment. 

Approved America Talent, Staffing and Recruiting is a subsidiary of the Approved America Group, Government and Defense Contractors helmed by retired and decorated, military family office of Stan Coleman LtCdr USN (Ret) and Ronald S. Coleman LtGen USMC (Ret).

Approved America Staffing recruits and staffs retired military officers and enlisted veterans with America’s top blue chip corporations, defense contractor firms and startups with compensation packages in the six and seven figure + range for interlocked network, elite executive career opportunities worldwide. 

Need executive managers, directors and chief executives? Get approved. Our firm specializes in moonshot projects, futuristic cities, space and innovative technologies with an emphasis in aerospace and defense with an emphasis on engineering, technology and life sciences.

An executive headhunter for the interlocked network including global defense firms, government, Fortune 500s and offshore opportunities throughout the Americas, UK, EU, Asia and MENA, Coleman-Albazie is currently recruiting top notch execs for exciting futuristic city projects on and offshore such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Neom. Select coveted opportunities with KSA’s NEOM offer executive compensation packages of up to one million dollars in annual income, bonuses, incentives and benefits. 

Accepting a lucrative executive career opportunity with high six to seven figure compensation, bonus, benefits and incentive packages can fast track your retirement.

If you’re a veteran especially a military officer or in demand skilled enlisted veteran that is looking for your next job, reject the notion of limiting your search to the United States. There are plenty of lucrative career opportunities offshore, worldwide including in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Discover career opportunities throughout MENA at Approved Arabia, our MENA subsidiary. Get approved.

We speak your language when you need American exceptionalism, military grade human capital. Our recruiters are fluent in Arabic, German, French, Mandarin and Korean and Spanish. Get approved.

Our military officer candidates are the epitome of American excellence demonstrating leadership, integrity and trustworthiness, big picture vision, deep marketplace intelligence, cultivation of employee engagement and performance, goal oriented and results driven, capacity to balance risk and opportunity for sustainable growth, financial acumen, decisiveness, passionate active communication, relationship focused and exceptional performance during high stress scenarios. 

As you create your corporate succession and staffing plans, place retired military officers at the top of your leaderboard wish list and entrust your next executive hire to Approved America Talent, Staffing and Recruiting. Focusing on your leadership and staffing pipeline now helps to create organizational stability, business continuity and long term growth. Book a discovery call with Team America to get started. 

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