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Stan Coleman Lt.Cdr USN (Ret)

Approved America IQ and MIQ Consultant Since 2005


Naval War College, B.S. , BSME, CE, JD

Area of Expertise

Government, Aerospace, Defense, Engineering and Technology


Interlocked Network Asset with 4+ Decades of Engineering Management, Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering, Naval Chief Engineer, Government, Defense and Aerospace Contracting Management Complimented By Cyber-Security, InfoSec, DevOps, Technical Program Management, Facilities and Construction Management Expertise. » Retired Executive Officer of U.S. Navy Warship Fleet, Current Luxury Yacht Captain For CIA Yacht Charters, Team America, Polished Patriotic Pro, Consummate Naval Officer and Gentleman with Stellar Character, Ethics Above Reproach, Unparalleled Work Ethic, Top Secret Security Clearance. » Decorated Military Officer Hailing From Distinguished Military Officer Family Including Lt.General Ronald S. Coleman, USMC (Ret). 
Equipped With Proof of Concept and a Legacy of Sacrifice and Dedicated Service To America. » Must Promote : Alpha Wife Approved Trophy Husband, Executive Consultant, BHMOB Philanthropic Philanthropist, Interlocked Network Public Speaker and Trainer, Mentor and Generation Next Leadership Development. 

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