Approved America

Approved America Staffing x Recruiting High Tea Meet and Greet

Hotel Del Coronado Coronado Island, San Diego California

Join #TeamAmerica @ApprovedAmerica Staffing and Recruiting For Our Military Officers High Tea at Hotel Del Coronado, Overlooking The Pacific Ocean. Connect With Approved America Recruiters And Explore Your Options For High Level, Lucrative Executive, Remote WFH and Career Opportunities Plus Coveted Director and Consulting Positions At America’s Top Corporations In San Diego, throughout Southern California, Nationwide and Abroad.

Approved America Builders and General Contractors Veterans Build Project : Tiny House

Join #TeamAmerica @ApprovedAmerica Builders and General Contractors Including Military Officers, Government and Defense Contractors, Veterans, Department of Defense Civil Engineers Corps and SeaBees For Our Monthly #VeteransBuild Project. Build Luxury Tiny Homes For Homeless Veterans In Denver Metro and San Diego, California. A Great Opportunity To Connect With Veterans and Pay It Forward By Doing Good Deeds.

Approved America Family Office

Welcome to the Approved America Family Office, the single family office of the Coleman-Albazie family helmed by Private Equity Managing Director, Rhonda Coleman Albazie, Stan Coleman LtCdr USN (Ret) and… Continue reading Approved America Family Office

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