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Stan Coleman LtCdr USN (Ret)

Stan Coleman
LtCdr USN (Ret) 
Engineering Management 

Board of Directors Asset  CyberSecurity | Software Dev

Rhonda Coleman Albazie, Private Equity

Rhonda Coleman Albazie
Private Equity | Wealth Wrangling
Strategy | Build To Sell Startups

Data Analytics | OSINT

C-Suite | Consulting

Ronald S. Coleman, LtGeneral USMC (Ret)

Ronald S. Coleman 
Lt.General USMC (Ret) 

Interlocked Network Advising
C-Suite  |  Consulting 

Approved America Managed IT and Networking

Brandon Mychals
MIT Alumni | NSA 
Chief Technologist | Coder 

Special Projects 


Approved America IQ delivers staffing solutions which connect corporate clients with elite, interlocked network,  freelance and remote work-from-anywhere consultants specializing in executive, supply chain and change management, defense, aerospace, intelligence, data analytics, OSINT, engineering, technology, life sciences, manufacturing, organizational design, startups, growth strategy, finance, pricing, financial controls, competitor analysis and more.

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