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Approved America Family Office Foundation’s The BHMOB Brain Ball (BHMOB MilitaryOfficers Brain Ball) aka Beverly Hills Military Officers Brain Ball is a circa 1930s black tie Gatsby-themed military officers ball hosted by philanthropists Rhonda Coleman Albazie and Stan Coleman LtCdr USN (Ret) and Ronald S. Coleman LtGeneral USMC (Ret) to raise awareness about military veterans and dependents adversely impacted by iatrogenic harm, debilitating mental illness including depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety, PTSD, TBI, CTE, neurodegenerative disease and cognitive decline.

About The BHMOB MilitaryOfficers Brain Ball : Mental health optimization and cognitive enhancement are near and dear to philanthropists’ Rhonda Coleman Albazie and Stan Coleman, LtCdr. USN (Ret) hearts. After experiencing witnessing their beloved son being adversely impacted by iatrogenic harm caused by psychiatrists and the reality of debilitating mental illness the Coleman’s dedicated their family office philanthropic focus to mental health optimization, stabilization, CYP940 genetic testing and complete recovery from mental illness symptoms.

Determining the correct root cause and clinical diagnosis of mental illness symptoms, CYP940 genetic testing and concierge MD care by Privilege Physicians to determine how the client’s body will metabolize pharmaceutical drugs and other treatments, insuring effective treatment, stabilization, continuity of care and providing resources such as @SuperLawyers legal counsel, custom tiny home housing by Approved America Builders, nutrient therapy, organic gourmet plant based meals, clothing and care packages are just a few of the resources BHMOB Philanthropic aims to implement in helping at risk demographics including veterans, dependents and the underserved recover from mental illness.

Although still permanently disabled from the debilitating mental illness aka schizophrenia and designated their dependent for life, the Coleman’s recruited an American Dream mental health optimization team with the support of military officers, concierge medical doctors, CYP940 genetic testing and @SuperLawyers wise counsel. The end result : Their son is now, thankfully stable, working, attending university and recovering from schizophrenia symptoms.

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