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Approved America Staffing x Recruiting is in Team America building mode. We’re currently staffing Military Officer Recruiters and Executive Headhunters to source and serve America’s heroes — retired military officer talent — with premier career services and job placement within high six and seven figure interlocked network elite, executive career opportunities at America’s top blue chip corporations, defense firms, startups and private equity firms worldwide.

Additional offshore executive placements available with the United States, foreign corporations and foreign governments throughout MENA, the Americas, UK, EU and Asia.

Approved America Recruiter responsibilities : 

  • Partner with military officers and corporate clients to determine their strategic, financial and hiring goals
  • Create and executive targeted research strategies
  • Prepare military officers, client company, competitors and marketplace research reports
  • Deliver descriptions for role criteria, positions and documentation
  • Track and identify prospective candidates cross platforms
  • Asses candidates for qualification match, cultural fit and compatibility
  • Conduct confidential interviews, follow up, reference checks, background screening and credit checks
  • Prepare presentations for military officers and corporate clients
  • Document shortlisted candidates and their profile summaries
  • Facilitate the negotiations to closing
  • Guide, advise and counsel military officers and corporate clients
  • Follow up with clients and assist with transitions and on-boarding
  • Relationship management
  • Interlocked network networking
  • Deliver specialized industry expertise or job function expertise
  • Research, generation and develop leads to maturity
  • Manage the recruiting and staffing lifecycle

Patriotic pros with the following requirements and core competencies :

  • Proof of concept of successful work experience in recruiting
  • Comprehensive understanding of recruiting processes
  • Proficiency in applicant tracking software, recruiting software and candidate databases
  • Mastery of candidate selection and acquisition
  • Experience with candidate sourcing tools and methods
  • Command mastery of area of expertise as it relates to market status, trends and best practices
  • Client focus
  • Relationship building
  • Business acumen
  • Market insight
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • Influential skills
  • Strong intrapersonal, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Integrity and ethics above reproach
  • Knowledge and experience with security clearances and related issues
  • Solution architecture and problem solving expertise
  • B.S. o higher in HR or related field
  • Senior military, defense or government contracting background
  • High ticket sales experience a plus (yachts, private aircraft, luxury real estate, classic and exotic motor cars, estate collectibles, etc)
  • Industry expert speaker or trainer expertise
  • Strong relationships with corporate decision makers and military officers
  • A verifiable book of business within government, defense, aerospace, intelligence, Fortune 500 and the startup community. 

Adaptable to varied terrains and prepared for the impact of the forces of globalization and technological advancement.

  • Cultural literacy a must
  • Multilingual,  multicultural and multinational workplace
  • Fluency in Arabic, Farsi, German, French, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian or Igbo and plus.

Staffing Sectors : Government, Defense, Aerospace, Engineering, Technology, Real Estate, Facilities, Manufacturing, Management, Healthcare, Finance and More.

Live the dream.

  • Salary + commission to $300k +
  • Bonus
  • Executive Benefits Package
  • Generous American Dream retirement plan
  • Company car (fleet of @ApprovedAmerica branded G-Wagons)
  • Private jet travel
  • Medical, dental, vision, wellness benefit plans
  • Medical expense account
  • @ApprovedAmerica golf and yacht club memberships
  • Concierge M.D. membership plan
  • Pro-athlete box seats
  • Concert tickets
  • Recreation
  • Corporate expense account
  • Autonomy
  • Flex schedule
  • Remote WFH avail and more.

Apply below for immediate and confidential consideration. Interviews via zoom for initial meet and greet and in person for follow up at our San Diego, Washington D.C. or Denver Metro office. Get approved. @ApprovedAmerica Staffing & Recruiting.

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