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Approved America Family Office has invested in Psilo IQ Labs, a psilocybin mushroom R&D biotech lab with medicinal agendas targeting health, wellness, nutrition, stress management, neurodegenerative diseases and mental illness including schizophrenia.

Psilo IQ Labs | Psilocybin Mushrooms

With funding from @DeptofDefense and private investors, Psilo IQ Labs will begin clinical trials in September 2021 on military veterans and dependents adversely impacted by PTSD, emotional disregulation, depression, anxiety, psychosis, schizophrenia, psychiatric drug induced parkinsons disease and sexual dysfunction, cognitive decline, stress, other iatrogenic harms and more.

Psilo IQ Labs is helmed by serial M&A entrepreneur and scientist, Rhonda Coleman Albazie. Psilo IQ Labs operates Psychedelic Therapy training for licensed medical professionals, state of the art clean rooms and luxury psychedelic retreats located in Colorado, California and Hawaii.

Psilo IQ Labs Collage | Rhonda Coleman Albazie
Psilo IQ Labs | Psilocybin Mushrooms R&D

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